UXRecord is now live

Positioning statement Mobile user research with: Videos, Screenshots, Heatmaps and direct End-user Feedback For Mobile mobile development teams Who Want to conduct user research, test, track and enhance in an all-in-one platform offering user research frameworks for mobile apps, that gives you the power to see: • Recorded user feedback from the phone’s front-facing camera with both audio & video • Your app’s screen recording and finger movement synchronized with the user’s face recording • Design improvements with screenshot submissions in a collaboration environment (tags, comments, assign to, etc.) • Heatmaps with all interactions on your app’s screens • Relevant Analytics Our product URL is: - https://uxrecord.com Our product demo URL is: - https://uxrecord.com How to install our product can be found here: - https://www.uxrecord.com/how-install-uxrecord

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